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About Yulia

Yulia Alpeza stands as one of Washington state's most accomplished and renowned permanent makeup artists. With a strong background in fine arts and makeup artistry, coupled with numerous certifications in tattoo and permanent makeup techniques, Yulia's expertise has made her a sought-after artist throughout her home state. Clients from across the United States travel to Bellevue, WA, to experience her exceptional services.


Yulia has cultivated an impeccable reputation for delivering high-quality work, evident in her flawless 5-star Google Business rating and recognition from the Chamber of Commerce. She specializes in working with various skin conditions, addressing previous procedures, and correcting asymmetry to create natural beauty, symmetry, and color that appear effortlessly realistic.


Her educational background further enhances her skills, with a Fine Arts degree providing a solid foundation in color theory, symmetry, and proportion. Her Psychology degree enables her to intuitively understand clients' needs and effectively communicate to achieve their desired goals and objectives.

Yulia's impressive resume includes:

  • Over a decade of experience in both traditional and permanent makeup artistry.

  • Lead artist for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Show Week.

  • Lead artist for NBC Universal's World Cup coverage.

  • Certified International Tattoo Trainer.

  • Over a decade of professional fashion modeling experience.

  • USA Tattoo Championship Finalist.

  • Certification in multiple eyebrow tattoo techniques (see services).

  • Certification in multiple lip tattoo techniques (see services).

  • Certification in multiple eye tattoo techniques (see services).

  • Certification in scalp micro-pigmentation (see services).

  • Certification in fine-line tattoo work (see services).

In addition to her artistic pursuits, Yulia holds an impressive academic background:

  • Masters Degree in Philosophy.

  • Bachelors Degree in Psychology.

  • Fine Arts Degree.

Experience the artistry and expertise of Yulia Alpeza, where beauty meets precision.

Check out Yulia's recent appearance on the PNW BeautyPro Podcast where she shares her journey, insights, and philosophy as a permanent makeup artist and teacher.

    Meet Yulia, the top rated permanent makeup artist in the Bellevue / Kirkland area
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