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Permanent Lip Color

Permanent lip color, also known as permanent lip blushing, permanent lipstick, lip tint, or lip tattooing, is a cosmetic technique that enhances the natural contour of the lips, giving them a boost of color and the illusion of fullness. This age-old practice, which has roots in ancient cultures, has been refined over centuries, evolving with technological advancements to offer a range of techniques including lip lining tattoo, permanent lipstick, and permanent lip tint.


From the delicate art of lip blushing, which imparts a soft, natural hue, to the more defined look of tattooed lipstick, the methods employed aim to redefine the lips in a manner that complements each individual's unique facial features. Utilizing specialized pigments designed for the delicate lip tissue, modern techniques employ precise digital tools to implant color with minimal trauma, ensuring a smoother healing process.


Today's permanent lip color treatments provide a smudge-proof, long-lasting alternative to conventional makeup, embodying the fusion of beauty, science, and artistry. As the leading 5 star Permanent Makeup salon in the Bellevue / Kirkland area we embrace these advancements.  Whether seeking to correct asymmetries, enhance natural color, or simply save time on daily makeup routines, permanent lip color offers a tailored solution to meet a wide array of aesthetic desires.


Full Cover Lip Color Tattoo

The "Full Cover" lip color procedure, also known as full lip tint or full lip tattoo, is a cosmetic treatment that involves applying permanent pigment across the entire lip area to enhance and define the lips’ natural color. It’s a popular solution for those who desire a lasting alternative to daily lipstick application, wish to correct uneven lip tones, or want to restore color to lips that have lost pigmentation.

$500 with Yulia - Book Now

$300 with Sofia - Book Now


Lip Aqua / Water Color Tattoo

The aqua lip color procedure, also known as water color technique or lip blush is a semi-permanent makeup for lips that focuses on achieving a more translucent or sheer tint effect, similar to the look of lips after sipping water or as if they've been stained by a berry – giving a fresh and natural appearance.  This technique creates the most natural color distribution, closes to your own form and color.  Lip symmetry in not changed while a new subtle color / shine surface is created.

$450 with Yulia - Book Now

$300 with Sofia - Book Now


Lip Feathered Contour Outline Tattoo

The "Feathered Contour" technique for lip coloring is a method used in semi-permanent makeup to create a natural and soft outline on the lips, offering a more diffused look than the traditional solid lip liner. This technique focuses on subtly enhancing the lip borders and adding a gradient effect / shadow, which gives the illusion of volume, fullness, and dimension without the harsh lines.

$450 with Yulia - Book Now

$300 with Sofia - Book Now

Are Lip Tattoos Permanent?

Typically, lip tattoos may last anywhere from 1 to 3 years, sometimes longer, before requiring a touch-up to maintain their color and shape. The longevity of a lip tattoo will vary based on factors such as the individual's skin type, lifestyle, and how well the aftercare instructions are followed. It's also worth noting that certain colors may fade more quickly than others.

Are Lip Tattoos Painful?

To manage discomfort, most cosmetic tattoo artists will apply a strong topical anesthetic to the lips before and sometimes during the procedure. This numbing agent can significantly reduce the sensation, though some people may still feel a vibrating or buzzing feeling, or a sense of discomfort rather than sharp pain.

Why Calypso Beauty?

Embrace the luxury of lasting beauty right here in Bellevue / Kirkland with our specialized lip color services. From the subtle blush of Full Cover Lip Tattoo and Lip Blushing to the full vibrancy of Aqua / Water Color Permanent Lipstick, our techniques are designed to redefine and enhance your natural beauty. Our Permanent Lip Feathered Contour Outline Tattoo and Lip Tint provides volume and definition while our touchups offer consistency and a bolder statement for those unafraid to stand out. The art of Permanent Lip Color has been perfected within our walls, ensuring that each Lip Tattoo is a stroke of genius, tailored to your individuality. For those in Bellevue / Kirkland seeking a touch of everyday elegance or a transformation to turn heads, our doors are open, welcoming you to a world where your lips speak volumes without saying a word.

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