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Discover the Precision of Eyeliner Tattooing with the Elite Eyeliner Artistry Masterclass by Yulia Alpeza!


Elevate your skills in the fascinating world of permanent makeup with our exclusive online video lesson – the Elite Eyeliner Artistry Masterclass. Guided by the distinguished aesthetician Yulia Alpeza, this masterclass is your gateway to mastering eyeliner tattooing techniques, including classic eyeliners, intricate lashliners, and the trendy foxy line.


What is Eyeliner Tattooing?

Eyeliner tattooing, also known as eyeliner micropigmentation, is an advanced cosmetic procedure designed to enhance the natural beauty of the eyes. This technique involves delicately implanting pigment along the lash line and eyelids to create a range of looks from subtle lash enhancement to dramatic eyeliners. The masterclass focuses on diverse styles such as traditional eyeliners, subtle lashliners, and the modern foxy line technique.


Why Our Masterclass Stands Out?

Yulia Alpeza, celebrated for her precision and creative flair in permanent makeup, brings her wealth of experience to this masterclass. She will guide you through the detailed intricacies of eyeliner tattooing, empowering you with the knowledge and confidence to perform these procedures with excellence.


What You Will Learn


  • Technique Mastery: Dive into the art of creating perfect eyeliners, lashliners, and the foxy line, understanding their unique applications and styles.
  • Color and Pigment Selection: Discover how to choose suitable pigments for different eye colors and client preferences.
  • Eye Anatomy and Safety: Learn about the delicate eye area's anatomy and best practices for ensuring safe procedures.
  • Step-by-Step Procedures: Follow Yulia's comprehensive guidance through each technique, from client consultation to aftercare.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Gain insights into tackling common challenges and refining your skills for impeccable results.

Masterclass Inclusions

  • Practice Kits: Includes practice materials tailored for eyeliner tattooing to enhance your technique application.
  • Detailed Instruction Manual: A comprehensive guide covering all facets of eyeliner tattooing.
  • Exclusive 1-Hour Zoom Consultation: A personal session with Yulia Alpeza for direct feedback and professional advice.
  • Video Analysis Session: Submit your procedure video for personalized critique and tips from Yulia.
  • Ongoing Support for 3 Months: Access to continuous guidance and community support via text.
  • Essential Tools and Products Guide: A carefully selected list of necessary equipment and products with purchasing links.
  • Certificate of Completion: Earn a prestigious certificate, marking your expertise in advanced eyeliner tattooing techniques.


Enroll in the Elite Eyeliner Artistry Masterclass Today

Unlock your potential in eyeliner tattooing with our masterclass. Boost your skillset, gain unmatched confidence, and start offering your clients striking and beautiful eyeliner enhancements. Join us now and embark on a journey to become a top-tier professional in the world of permanent makeup.

Eyeliner Tattoo Lesson

  • Once your order is completed you will receive a link and password that will allow you to access your lesson online at your convenience.

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