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Introducing the Advanced Lip Artistry Masterclass with Esteemed Aesthetician Yulia Alpeza!


Embark on a journey to master the art of lip tattooing with our comprehensive online video lesson – the Advanced Lip Artistry Masterclass. This is your opportunity to learn from Yulia Alpeza, a renowned expert in aesthetic treatments, and to expand your skills in the enticing world of lip tattooing. Get ready to offer your clients a range of sophisticated lip tattooing techniques including full cover, aqua, and feathered contour.


What is Lip Tattooing?

Lip tattooing, also known as lip micropigmentation, is a modern technique that enhances the natural beauty of the lips. This process involves implanting pigment into the lips to define shape, correct asymmetry, and add color. The techniques covered in this masterclass – full cover, aqua, and feathered contour – offer a spectrum of results from subtle to bold, catering to a diverse clientele.


Why Choose Our Masterclass?

Yulia Alpeza brings her extensive knowledge and experience to this masterclass. Known for her precision and artistry in permanent makeup, she guides you through the nuances of each technique, ensuring you gain a deep understanding and confidence in lip tattooing.


What You'll Learn

  • Technique Overview: Understand the unique approaches of full cover, aqua, and feathered contour lip tattooing.

  • Color Theory and Selection: Learn how to select the perfect pigments for various skin tones and desired outcomes.

  • Anatomy and Skin Health: Gain insights into lip anatomy and how to work safely and effectively on different lip types.

  • Procedure Protocols: Follow Yulia's step-by-step guidance for each technique, from initial consultation to aftercare.

  • Troubleshooting and Refinement: Learn how to address common challenges and perfect your technique for flawless results.


What's Included in the Masterclass:

  • Practice Materials: A set of practice skins and a sketchbook for honing your skills in lip design and pigment application.

  • Comprehensive Guidebook: A detailed manual covering all aspects of lip tattooing, from pre-care to post-procedure care.

  • 1-Hour Personalized Zoom Consultation: An exclusive session with Yulia Alpeza to discuss your progress, address queries, and receive expert feedback.

  • Video Review Session: Submit a procedure video for in-depth analysis and personalized tips from Yulia to refine your skills.

  • 3 Months of Continuous Support: Stay connected with Yulia and your peers for ongoing advice and inspiration through text support.

  • Product and Equipment Guide: A curated list of essential tools and products with direct links for easy procurement.

  • Certification of Completion: Receive a prestigious certificate upon completing the masterclass, symbolizing your expertise in advanced lip tattooing techniques.


Enroll Now in the Advanced Lip Artistry Masterclass and unlock a wealth of knowledge and resources. Enhance your skill set, gain unparalleled confidence, and start offering your clients beautiful, long-lasting lip enhancements that showcase your professional prowess.

Lip Tattoo Lesson

  • Once your order is completed you will receive a link and password that will allow you to access your lesson online at your convenience.

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