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Hot Stone Massage - 45 Minute

Hot stone massage can help relieve muscle tension and pain with a combination of massage and heat.

  • 45 minutes
  • 105 US dollars
  • 6725 116th Ave NE, Suite 160

Service Description

Embrace the Warmth and Serenity of our Hot Stone Massage – a harmonious blend of soothing heat and expert massage techniques. This luxurious treatment is designed to transcend the traditional massage experience, offering a sanctuary of comfort for those seeking deep muscle relief and relaxation. Our Hot Stone Massage utilizes smooth, heated stones as an extension of our therapist’s own hands, providing a comforting warmth that deeply penetrates your muscles. This heat is not just comforting; it’s therapeutic. It increases blood flow to your tense and aching areas, accelerating the healing process and easing muscle tension in a way that traditional massage cannot. But the benefits extend beyond mere physical relief. This therapy is a holistic journey, reducing stress and anxiety, promoting a sense of calm, and even enhancing sleep quality. The warmth of the stones, combined with the rhythmic massage strokes, creates a deeply meditative state, allowing you to disconnect from the world and enter a state of profound relaxation. Ideal as a stand-alone treatment or as a complement to a full-body massage, our Hot Stone Massage is more than a procedure; it’s a pathway to tranquility. Unwind and rejuvenate as you bask in the warmth and allow the therapeutic properties of hot stone massage to restore your body and calm your mind. We accept Personal Injury Protection (PIP) claims from auto insurance policies. The following additional services can be added to any massage session: - Aromatherapy: $5 - Hot Stones: $10 - Cupping: $10 - Honey: $15 to $20 depending on duration

Contact Details

  • 6725 116th Ave NE suite 160, Kirkland, WA, USA


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